Faith Community Church supports Global Initiatives through direct support, or by supporting missionaries within these organizations.


Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs. 

Millions of children in the developing world live in desperate, life-threatening situations. Orphaned, abused and neglected, they often end up on the streets begging just to survive. Many are victimized by predators and have nowhere to turn and no one to help care for them. 

The facts are heartbreaking: 

  Over 25,000 children die each day – most from preventable causes

  One fourth of all children live in poverty 

  About 150 million children are homeless, vulnerable to exploitation and abuse

  Nearly one third of all children are malnourished 

  Nearly one in five children does not have access to clean drinking water

 More than 130 million children – mostly girls – do not attend school; millions more receive very little education


Kids Alive provides children with the love and care every child deserves, and raises them to be contributing members of their society and witnesses to their family and community. 

FCC's relationship with Kids Alive International is multi-faceted; through our support of missionaries Jeff/Ann VanDerMolen; through participation in short-term mission trips and leadership of VBS in the Dominican Republic; and through child sponsorships (via Bless a Child Ministries).



Around the world, the Church has grown so quickly that the training of pastors hasn’t kept pace. So many pastors feel unequipped and inadequate for the task of leading and caring for their flocks. Most of these pastors will never go to Bible school or seminary. So Leadership Resources brings it to them—the most essential training that they need. LRI trainers seek to humbly bring God’s heart and to see Him develop within each pastor the heart of a shepherd, formed by a biblical understanding of ministry.Throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Leadership Resources equips small groups of national pastors to teach God's Word with the heart of a shepherd. LRI works closely with the same group of pastors for about 2 weeks per year over 4 years, allowing deep friendships to form.

FCC supports missionaries Joe/Amy Paglia and Phil/Jessica Smith, who are engaged in the work of Leadership Resources.



Wycliffe was founded in 1942 by William Cameron Townsend. A missionary to the Cakchiquel Indians of Guatemala, Townsend caught the vision for translation when Cakchiquel-speaking men expressed their concern that the Bible was not available to them in the language they understood clearly. As a result, Townsend resolved that every man, woman and child should be able to read God’s Word in their own language.

Since its inception, Wycliffe has made great progress in Bible translation all around the world. To date, we have played a part in completing more than 700 Scripture translations.Estimates suggest that almost 2,100 languages still need a Bible translation program started. Some speakers of these languages are Christians, struggling to unlock the truths of the Bible in a language not their own. Others live without knowledge of Christ at all.

Each day that passes, people all around the world die without God’s message of hope in their own heart language. Because of the urgency of this situation, Wycliffe has adopted Vision 2025—an initiative to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025.

Reaching the last languages with God’s Word requires an enormous amount of resources. In response to these needs, in November 2008 Wycliffe USA launched the Last Languages Campaign—a strategic commitment to raise our share of the resources needed to accomplish Vision 2025. More than $1 billion is needed to reach these last languages with God’s Word.

For many years, FCC has fostered a relationship with this organization through the many faithful Wycliffe missionaries who have become a part of our congregation while home on furlough. These relationships continue when these families return to the field. 

FCC supports missionaries Rick/Bobbie Bekius, Dave/Debbie Eernisse, Seung/Amy Kim and Dan/Kathleen Lord, who are engaged in the work of Bible translation through Wycliffe Bible Translators.




ELEEO Ministry is a Christ-Centered Ministry of Biblically based Spiritual Growth Support Group. All ELEEO Support/Recovery Group meetings are Beatitude Twelve-Step based and the meetings are open to both, men and women, unless otherwise designated.

To learn more about this ministry, call (630) 584-0460 or visit their webpage at

FCC supports missionary Pat Elam, who is  engaged in the work of ELEEO Ministry.


  Speak Spanish? Nueva Esperanza meets every Sunday at  

  11:30 am for a time of worship and Sunday School. They

  also have  various meetings throughout the week/month.


   If you have any questions or would like more  

   information,  contact Marly Salazar at 630-903-7867 or

   visit their webpage:


  Kids Hope USA develops one-on-one relationships

  through  the creation of church/school partnerships that  

  pair church members with at-risk kids in supporting,

  mentoring  relationships.  

  Kids Hope USA mentors spend just one hour per week  

  reading, talking, playing and listening to a child at school. 
  By helping the child feel loved and valued, mentors help

  children learn, grow and succeed.